Free YouTube Tutorials that will Boost Your DevOps Game to the Next Level

In order to stay relevant in the constantly changing world of Cloud and DevOps you must acquire new insights. Therefore, you have to read as much as you can. But nowadays not everyone is a reader. What to do if you still want to learn but don’t have the proper mindset to read tons of books? 

In the previous post: we covered essential DevOps, Cloud, and Programming Books that are available for free. Today it’s time to create a similar list of video resources. This article is a compilation of the best YouTube tutorials that can help you in your learning path. Just like any other YouTube video, any of these videos are available for free.

Kubernetes Course – Full Beginners Tutorial

Learn how to use Kubernetes in this complete course. Kubernetes makes it possible to containerize applications and simplifies app deployment to production. 

Channel: FreeCodeCamp

Docker Tutorial for Beginners

By the end, you will have a deep understanding of the concepts and a great overall big picture of how Docker is used in the whole software development process. 

The course is a mix of animated theoretic explanations and hands-on demo’s to follow along, so you get your first hands-on experience with Docker and feel more confident using it in your project.

Channel: TechWorld with Nana

AWS Full Course – Learn AWS In 10 Hours

This Edureka video on “AWS Full Course” is a complete AWS Tutorial for beginners who want to learn AWS from scratch with examples and Hands-on. This AWS tutorial will help you learn various AWS services like AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS VPC, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CloudFront, AWS CloudWatch, and more. After watching this video you have the skills of an AWS Solution Architect and you will clear AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification in one go. Below is the timestamp of this AWS Tutorial for Beginners.

Channel: edureka

Terraform Course – Automate your AWS cloud infrastructure

Learn Terraform in this complete course for beginners. Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as code software tool. Learn how it can be utilized to manage and automate your AWS cloud infrastructure. We’ll start off by setting up a free AWS account to play around with and move on to setting up and installing Terraform on a Windows/MAC/Linux machine. From there, we’ll deploy our first resource through terraform and learn other core concepts. You’ll even get a chance to set up a simple web server in AWS.

Channel: FreeCodeCamp

Git and GitHub for Beginners – Crash Course

Description: Learn about Git and GitHub in this tutorial. These are important tools for all developers to understand. Git and GitHub make it easier to manage different software versions and make it easier for multiple people to work on the same software project.

Channel: FreeCodeCamp

Jenkins Full Course

Description: This video on Jenkins tutorial will help you understand the most popular continuous integration tool used in the DevOps methodology. You will learn the basics of DevOps in a short animated video, followed by an introduction to DevOps. You will understand how to install Jenkins on windows and get an idea about what is Jenkins. Then, you will learn about Jenkins tutorial and Jenkins pipeline with a hands-on demo to create and schedule builds. Finally, you will look at some of the important Jenkins questions you might face in a DevOps interview. Now, let’s deep dive into learning Jenkins in detail.

Channel: SimpleLearn

Python Tutorial – Python Full Course for Beginners

Description: Python tutorial – Python full course for beginners – Go from Zero to Hero with Python (includes machine learning & web development projects).

Channel: Programming with Mosh

Ansible 101

Description: Jeff Geerling (geerlingguy) introduces Ansible in the first episode of a new live-streaming series “Ansible 101 with Jeff Geerling.”

Jeff walks through installing Ansible, running tasks on a remote AWS EC2 instance using Ansible ad-hoc tasks, integrating Ansible with Vagrant to build local Virtual Machines (VMs), and then teaches you how to write your first Ansible playbook!

This video follows material from chapters 1 and 2 in the bestselling Ansible book, Ansible for DevOps.

Channel: JeffGeerling

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Originally published Jun 30, 2022 9:23:36 PM (updated August 23 2022 )

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