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Terraform In 21 Days – Live Class

The best way to learn Terraform is by doing. This hands-on from day 1, instructor-led class will provide you with the practical skills and real-world experience necessary to master Terraform in as fast as 21 days. Reserve your seat now!

Price: $150
Format: Live class
Schedule: Saturday, Sunday, 12 PM EST
Start Date: August 5, 2023
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Start Date: August 5
Format: Live class
Schedule: Sat, Sun, 12 PM EST

What you’ll learn

How to provision and manage cloud infrastructure with Terraform.
Using Terraform modules for reusability and scalability.
Implementing advanced features like dynamic blocks, data sources, and functions.
Applying version control to infrastructure code using Git.
Best practices for organizing and structuring Terraform code.

This course includes:

0% slides, 100% practice
20 hours of live sessions
31 self-paced labs
Direct chat with instructors
Code reviews
Certificate of completion

Course content

19 sections • 31 assignments • 20h 22m total length

#1 – Introduction to Terraform and Git, Creating Your First Pull Request

#2 – Networking in the Cloud, Deploying Our First VPC

#3 – Count meta-argument and Variables

#4 – Mastering Git, Solving Merge Conflicts using Interactive Rebase

#5 – Launch your first EC2 instance

#6 – Automate Instance Bootstrap with User Data

#7 – Remote Backend, Managing Terraform State

#8 – Remote State Data Source, Layered Approach

#9 – Distributing Traffic using Elastic Load Balancing

#10 – Building Reliable Systems using Auto Scaling Groups

#11 – Identity and Access Management, Roles, Policies, Groups, and Users

#12 – AWS SSM Session Manager – Connecting to Your Instances without SSH

#13 – Build Repeatable Configurations using Terraform Modules

#14 – Securing HTTP traffic with Amazon Certificate Manager

#15 – Databases in the Cloud – Amazon RDS

#16 – Open-Source Terraform Modules

#17 – Kubernetes on AWS, Build EKS cluster using Terraform

#18 – Deploy to Kubernetes using Terraform provider for Helm

#19 – Final Project – Run WordPress Website on AWS


No prior experience with Terraform needed
Some basic familiarity with AWS and Linux
AWS Account


Are you ready to learn Terraform? Our hands-on course can help. You’ll have a chance to collaborate with a team of learners like you, guided by an expert instructor.

We’ll start with simple things like variables and basic Terraform commands and finish with complex tasks like managing multiple versions of your code across multiple environments, writing reusable configurations with Terraform modules, and manipulating your state files. You’ll even have a chance to build your own Kubernetes cluster using Terraform!

In this course, we are Amazon Web Services as our primary cloud provider, and cover services such as EC2, VPC, Load Balancers, Auto Scaling Groups, S3, DynamoDB, RDS, IAM, SSM, and much more.

Don’t delay – secure your spot now! This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable skills. We warmly invite you to register for our class and join our team of motivated learners!


devops mentor

Vladimir Mukhin

Full-time engineer with 12 years of experience
AWS Certified, Kubernetes Certified, Terraform Certified
Course Author and Career Coach

Hi there, my name is Vladimir! I am a passionate engineer focusing on building Cloud and DevOps Solutions. Having almost a decade of experience and multiple big projects under my track record, I consider myself an expert in tools like AWS, Terraform, and Kubernetes.

When I am not busy slaying dragons, aka my full-time job, I help people like you to navigate your path into the world of Cloud and DevOps, become better professionals, and start new exciting pages in your career journeys.


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