You want to begin, develop, or high-power your career in DevOps but where to start?

Books and self-guided online courses are an option, but the choices can be overwhelming and the concepts challenging without external support and problem-solving. At Your DevOps Mentor, we believe in personalized, individual-level approaches to career growth.

We develop plans around you and your specific goals to streamline your career development process-making finding a job in DevOps faster, easier, and more fulfilling.

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Refresh Your Resume with Modern Technologies
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All modern companies are either cloud-native or in the process of migrating to the cloud. It doesn’t matter which cloud provider you use, but it does matter that you have the knowledge and expertise to use it the right way.

Your DevOps Mentor will teach you how to create and automate cloud projects. In your individualized, one-on-one sessions with your mentor, you will develop the skills to master the cloud functionalities necessary for modern company needs.

We support all major cloud platforms, including AWS, GCP, and Azure. Terraform is our favorite automation tool.

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It’s essential for you as a DevOps engineer to understand your environment. You are the front-line team member ensuring smooth and efficient functionality, identifying any issues, and intervening manually when needed.

Awareness is key; this is where monitoring technologies come in. Tools like Prometheus, Grafana, and ELK can be used to collect metrics, visualize and analyze them, and establish proper alerting rules. Your mentor will support you in learning these monitoring technologies.

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Kubernetes and Docker are not the future—they are already here. Containers have jumped into the scene as key parts of the DevOps field. Container knowledge is now industry standard and required for 89% of the jobs in the industry.

Success in this market means embracing the trend and mastering container technologies. Not sure where to start? Your DevOps Mentor will guide you every step along the way.

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Developers need an easy way to create, test, and deploy applications. This is where CICD pipelines become an essential tool in your toolkit.

A typical pipeline uses Jenkins to pull code from GitHub, build artifacts, and deploy applications to production. This mentorship is your chance to learn how to design effective CICD pipelines as you create and test applications.

Reach Your Career Objectives Faster
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Learn skills

Working with Your DevOps mentor is a personalized experience designed for your specific needs. Your mentor will build a plan with you and navigate you through the technologies and skills you need to master to reach your goals.

As an expert in the field, your mentor will recommend required materials including video courses, books, and hands-on training. Mentors will stay with you as you learn, supporting you through code reviews, check-ins, and sync-ups.

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Pass exams

Certifications are not meant to replace knowledge and experience, but they provide important benefits on the job market.

A certification is a vote of confidence in your abilities and a way to stand out from others in the field as someone dedicated, skilled, and qualified. Your mentor will define the right certificates for you to pursue and help you to achieve these certifications fast.

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Build projects

A hands-on project is the best way to apply your knowledge in practice, build confidence, and identify areas for improvement. Your mentor will challenge you to develop projects that allow you to practice your new skills and receive feedback. Your mentor will assign a project, assist if something goes wrong, and provide a code review upon completion.

You will work on multiple projects throughout the program. Not only do these help you master your skills, but they also serve as tangible demonstrations of your work that you can later use as a portfolio to impress your future employers.

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Land a job

Your mentor is an expert in the field with an established network of contacts and experience interviewing for and landing jobs.

As a mentee, you have the unique benefit of your mentor’s support in your pocket, helping facilitate your job search. You’ll get assistance creating or updating your resume and supplementing it with a standout portfolio.

Mentors use their connections to attract new recruiters to your network and get you interview invitations. You’ll then work together to prepare for real interview situations by conducting mock practice interviews. From initial learner to successfully hired, your mentors will support and cheer for you.

Your program includes
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Individual goals

You have goals and we have mentors eager to guide you! A good plan defines where you want to go and tracks the best route to get there using clear and purposeful goals. This is how this mentorship program works as well.

Your mentor will help you set a career goal, advise you on what to learn, develop a schedule with project assignments and check-ins, and make sure you stay on track.

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Code reviews

Your mentor will be checking your hands-on project to identify mistakes and areas of improvement.

The code review process is similar to what you would see in real-life projects, where peers offer a fresh set of eyes to ensure your code is working as intended.

From the first day, you will start building projects in a manner that large companies do. This feedback process will give you confidence in the solutions you implement and experience collaborating with others.

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Chat support

We value accessibility in our mentorship because connecting with and uplifting likeminded peers is important to us.

Stuck on a project? Code being stubborn? Unsure how to answer an interview question? No matter what the situation, your mentor is available via chat to answer your questions and offer assistance.

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Sync-up calls

You’ll meet your mentor and set your goals in your first sync-up call. Then, as you progress through your projects, you can arrange meetings with your mentor to address any particularly challenging problems and empower you to move forward.

Over time, you and your mentor may sync-up periodically to revise or update your goals.

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